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6FigZ Members’ Area Review – Special Discount + OTOs + Special Bonuses

6FiZ My Honest Review ~ Have you ever wondered how it feels like earning 6 figures a month? If not, don’t worry, as per my so many experience with digital marketing, all you need to earn thousands of dollars Online is:

✅ A Digital Product ( Preferably Cloud-based Saas Product)

✅ High Converting/Customizable Sales Page

✅ And Automatic Traffic

And the Best Part is You get all these with Brand New Cloud-Cloud based Software Named 6FigZ. Many people have doubts whether is it working or not? will it really make me 6 figures, who should buy it and detailed review, with Custom Bonuses + complete OTOs information? This is why I thought of writing this complete review of 6FigZ that could help you get all your Answeres.

6FigZ Plug And Play 6 Figure Software Business In A Box

Drive Automated free traffic, Make Money instantly

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6FigZ is Brand New Cloud-Based Software that lets you create wonderful looking, high converting sales page where you can generate automatic traffic from youtube. You can simply get relevant traffic from youtube and also get backlinks as of commenting youtube.

Just Set your google account with Google API and you will automatically start getting automatic traffic. There are 5 different Automation tool that helps create different automation. Many of my clients have already purchased it, and all of them gave positive review for 6FigZ.

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Features of 6FigZ

✔️ It’s a 3 in 1 business in a box: With Digital Product, High Converting Sales Page and Automatic Traffic from Youtube, you can simply Generate thousands of dollars easily.

✔️ Automatic Traffic: The best thing which I liked about the 6FigZ is unlike any other bot traffic software, it will send all the relevant traffic from Youtube.

✔️ High Converting Sales Page: You will also get built-in Sales Pages to Choose from and You need to Select the best ready-made sales Page for you.

✔️ User rights: Not only you can generate traffic for you, but also you can generate traffic for your clients, this is how you can also generate money by reselling traffic.

✔️ Agency Rights: Customers can put their bi buttons on the done for uses page and sell the software as service to their clients and make money as and agency

✔️ Cloud Hosted App: This software and all your Sales Pages or other pages will be hosted on their Cloud Server, you don’t need to worry about using your own domain or hosting.

✔️ No Downloads or uploads: You don’t have to download anything or upload anything, everything is available on a Cloud-based app.

✔️ Newbie-Friendly: 6FigZ is 100% Newbie-Friendly, even if you haven’t used any software like this before then also you can simply use it without any problem, just like I’ll show you in my 6FigZ Review.

User End Review of 6FigZ/Working

So, here is detailed review and my experience on each and every feature of 6FigZ. Let’s have look at things which you should know before you check out.

Step #1: Dashboard

The first step goes with login in with your dashboard, there’s no problem with that, just check out the email and you will get complete details there. And after you login in, you will get a dashboard where you could see the channel stats, views, count, and many more other analytics.

Step #2. Google Account

Gooogle api image of 6figz

The Second thing or first for you would be, just import the Youtube Google account or you can just connect API with Key here.

Step #3. Channel Manager

channel manager 6figz review

After connected your id then you can go to automation methods with Channel Manager, here you will get Like/Comment Campaign, Subscription campaign, Video Manager, Playlist Manager, Video Upload, you can make all of them automate the way you want.

Step #4. Template Manager

Now Go to Template manager and here you can set up an auto comment or auto-reply template, this will help you get Social traffic and get all the potential buyers who need a personal touch.

Step #5. Search Tools

There are Search Tools that help you find the best relevant traffic source, below is the image of Search tools after you connected with Google id then you can check out these search tools.

Step #6. Start Campaign

auto reply 6figz

Here you can start the campaign or auto-reply, different types of traffic could have different campaigns and different auto-reply, you can make them in your own way and differentiate in different campaigns.

You will also get Rank Tracking and link wheel this is how you can get backlinks and also keep track of your ranks.

Step #7. Agency

The Agency will let you sell traffic to your clients and this is how you can earn multi figures with this tool. As shown in the image you can add or remove the people you want.

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How does Software Work Actually?

  1. Upon purchase customers will get access to to a cloud-hosted, automatic YouTube traffic software and a sales page
  2. All they need to do is to put there by button code into a form
  3. The system will provide a sales page hosted in our server with the customers’ by button.
  4. So they can sell the software as a service and make money
  5. The best part is that day a can use the software to drive traffic to the self page
  6. So it’s a complete three in one business in a box with agency license

Reasons Why Should You Take Action Now

3 in one Business Box To Make 6 Figures

Not only you but you can sell it to your clients

Best Source to Generate Recurring Income

Free Relevant Social Automatic Youtube Traffic

Agency Rights in Front Cost

Custom Bonuses from Vendor and Me

Special Early Bird Discount 

Who all Should Buy this?

  • If you want to Make Recurring Money Online
  • All who are beginners and new to Online Money Making
  • Even if you’re intermediate then also best for you
  • If you want any part time recurring money which doesn’t consume much time
  • If you’re looking for something that charge one time fees

OTO Details

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Custom Bonuses

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