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Active Webinar User End Honest Review -⚠️ My Special Bonuses

Active Webinar Review: Many people these days are more into Webinar instead of reading the whole bunch of different articles or watching videos people like live webinars with a live person where they can get to know many things and also live chat or question let them have more contact with the webinar.

It is a Fact that Highest Conversion Rates Comes when you do Live Webinars

If you’re the one who Actively runs Webinars and engaged many audiences and you still not getting that much of profit that you deserve then you’re in the right place. You might hear of this Software named Active Webinar, of course, you have that’s why you’re here. I’ve been reviewing these kinds of stuff for many years now and I know which Webinar creation Software would be great for users.

This is why I am here with you guys giving my honest review on Active Webinar, whether you should buy it or not, what all features you gonna get with this software, and how many of them are of real use? How this product is different from any other and many more? But firs,t I want you to know how you can choose which webinar creation software would be good for you.

What are some Qualities of a good Webinar Creating Softwares?

  • It must have Fully Customization tools and Things inside the software which could help you customize the Webinar in your own style.
  • Make sure that your Webinar must be hosted on a cloud-based platform that ensures 99% uptime and very less downtime
  • Gives you complete new and different open ways to promote your products online with your audience
  • Must have some Promo tools like e-mail optin, promo ad or something and many more other important things that you get to know further
  • And last but not least, must be under a genuine price

Okay these are some of my opinions that I think one good Webinar Creation software must-have but this is not the only thing that must look for, you should also look price and some other things that I will tell you, just stick around with me and have some notes.

What Exactly Active Webinar is? And My Recommendation

ActiveWebinar is a brand new software tool that makes it easier than ever for anyone to make more engage webinars no matter you’re a newbie to create and profit from webinars, you will create without having to manually conduct the same webinar over and over again.

This Software is something I never have seen before as you will not only get fully customizable things and features but also you can automate or something we say autopilot everything and also make autopilot sales process. You just need to take care of some important tasks only while you’re webinars is going on live.

Not only Just create webinars but you can also create highly effective Active Funnels and make it automate with a live audience in your webinars members to get high conversion rates.

Quick Description

ProductActive Webinar
VendorMisan Morrison et al
Price(Front End)$29(One time)
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official WebsiteVisit
9.5 Total Score
Perfect Webinar Creation Product

If you're active creator of webinars and you engage with your audience with webinars online then this is something that you should grab immediately. Instead of paying huge monthly fees to popular webinar creation sites or other popular Softwares, you can make everything with very Less and ONE TIME FEES. I don't think you gonna get this kind of software like this and with this price. There is only one word that comes to my mind, "Priceless".

Built-in E-mail Pannels
Live Chat & Simulator
  • Cloud-Based Webinars
  • Live Likes
  • Built-in E-mail Panels and Optins
  • Customizable Web Funnels
  • Hundereds of Templates to Choose From
  • Live Chat Simulator
  • Fewer Templates, if you're Professional
  • Nothing Else I found
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What are you waiting for?

You won't get any other better webinar creation software under this price, Do you know? you got a great deal, Claim it right now or Keep on Reading for more features.

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My Review on ActiveWebinar Features

The software here gives you these some features below and this is my personal review that how many of these do actually need you.

#1 “Live Like” Webinars

Unlimited live like webinars

ActiveWebinar will give you Unlimited Live Like Webinars where you will get nothing to worry about, everything is under your control and easy to use.

Pre Made E-mail Pannel

This Software will give you their own Built-in E-mail Pannels that will send help you capturing and getting more webinars or follow up email, while your webinar is live.

Customize your Web Funnels

Fully Customizable Webinar Funnel

What the users like the most about this webinar funnel is that it offers some best fully customizable Webinar Funnels that will help you to create web Funnels that get more leads while you’re busy with the audience in the live webinar.

Cloud-Based Webinars

cloud based

Why People like me love this kind of webinar Softwares is that the cloud-based Softwares will give you the best uptime and speed, you won’t lose any of your potential customers as cloud never gets down. And there’s nothing for you to do in the backend.

Unlimited DFY Templates

Unlimited DFY Templates

There are Hundereds of different DFY Templates for you to use, you don’t need to worry about creating your own one, just choose from these and brand it your name and all done, nothing fancy, nothing skilly(is it actually a word). But here is some flaws, if you’re professional then it may not be good for you as there are less professional styled Templates, all are good for newbies, and mediates.

Infinite Flexibility

Infinite Flexibility

That’s the main reason why I prefer and wrote Active Webinar Review for you as you will get complete control over all the steps which you will create or use on your webinar funnel, this include Background images, text and videos, or any other thing.

Live Chat and Bot

chat bot

Not only the software has a Real-time live chat option where you can directly contact your customers with live chat but also you will get chatbot that will autoresponder for your customers.  Chatbox will appear right below the corner and is specially designed to get more attention.

And Believe me since when I am using Live Chat with my customers, I’ve increased my profits by 40%. Live chat increases the conversion like a hell. And you can also set autoresponder Messages to your customers, whether it is thank you page or the first message response.

Stats of your Audience

stats of webinar

You get proper stats of your audience that how many of them are watching actually, how many are converted and how many have left off, and this is how you will make changes for your next webinar.

4 Key Features that’ll Make you buy it Immitaily

Simple/Easy to Use & Speed

Simplicity & Speed

ActiveWebinar comes with super speed loading and very easy to use not only for you but also for your audience to easy to understand, will give you webinar funnels, and make everything easy to use. You will get more audience and conversions.

Cloud-Based Webinars

Cloud based

This is something you will definitely love, high-speed hosting based on cloud platforms will give you and your customers complete unique fast experience and you not gonna lose any potential customers just because your webinar is not loading.

Unique New Features

Massive Feature Set

Why I am gave favored Hones Active Webinar Review, another reason comes here, that you will get many new Customizable features and high converting funnel creation, Get more Profits, and Automated Webinars are some features which is enough to make $$$ Figures per Webinar(If you have a good amount of audience).

Best Price

Affordable Pricing

Well, if you’re a newbie then you don’t need to pay $$ figures of fee every month as it will not be good unless you get some experience and a good amount to invest on those platforms when you have a Software that performs similar to them and also fit in your budget, No monthly fees, only one-time fee and that’s it.

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How to Customize and Create High Converting Webinar

Below are the steps by which you can get to know how you can use this software to create wonderful high converting webinars.

Step 1 – Login to Dashboard

First, step goes with simple and most important things, log in your Active Webinar id to Dashboard.

Step 2 – Customize your Webinar

This is probably the most important thing with this Active Webinar where you will customize your webinar according to your need.

Select Template

There are many templates to select from, you can choose one of them.

Add Webinar

You can add webinar details here like webinar name, time, date to be published and many more other things which you want to set on your webinar.

More Customization

You can customize your webinar more, you will get full control like customizing Registration page, and other pages and email and more.

Step 3 – Set reminders

Here you need to set up reminders that you will send to your audience when you going to live with the webinar.

Setup 4 – Share with World

With complete automate service you can share your webinar link with other people.

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Frequently Asked Question

Which is most effective Conversion Technique?

This is a fact that webinar is the most effective way of conversion and people like to buy more when they get live consultants like on webinar.

Is there Refund Period?

Yes, with Active Webinar you will get 30 Days Money Back guarantee that will Ensure 100% Refund.

Will I get Custom bonses?

Yes, if you do make a purchase from our link then you will get Special Bonus but make after you read the review only.

is this Newbie friendly?

Yes, even if you never had any webinars before than also you will get to know about it without having any problem.

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