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Clipmagix Pro Honest Review | is New Version Worth Buying?

Clipmagix Pro Review: In almost any Online Business, Marketing, or anything, user experience plays the most important role when it comes to engaging your users to your content or getting their attention on the content. More your users or customers get attention to your content more efficiently you will get profit or your goals.

Its fact that these days people are not giving their complete attention to the content and they’re just scrolling and scrolling, speaking about text content this is most scrolled content, then comes photo, then infographic and least scrolled content is video. This is why I always suggest that if your business is about getting people’s attention then you always go with video type content rather than text and videos must be short.

5 Reasons Why Video Is More Effective than Text

  1. Videos Grab Peoples Attention, as visual has always been effective means of attraction for human beings.
  2. Videos Engage Viewers: Not only videos are good for attracting people but also videos play an important role while retaining visitors for a longer period.
  3. Increase Traffic: When you start publishing video content, more and more users will like it will not only increase SEO traffic but also direct traffic.
  4. Increase Conversions: It is a fact that videos increase the conversion rate, more people understand what you trying to explain more they likely to buy your product.
  5. Increase your Brand Value: If you’re giving your users out of the box content then they gonna know your name for sure, and want to com

But Making videos is another difficult part, so, there are many Softwares that help you here for making videos that will increase user engagement. You don’t have to go out and shoot videos with a camera, you will get all built-in all you need to do is customize by your own style.

Well, coming to the main point that one software which is quite popular these days Clipmagix which is used to make videos and other visual effects. But the question here is, whether this software worth buying, should we buy this software, will it increase my profits and answers to all these questions in my clipmagix review.

What Exactly Clipmagix Software is? My Recommendation?

Clipmagix Software is powerful and creative software that will allow you to create, customize and Design wonderful videos that attract your users and increase sales.

Speaking about my Recommendation, if you’re one who continuously in business of promoting new products and want some software that could easily make wonderful attractive short promo clips and also those things in a very cheap price of just in $27 then Clipmagix software would something that you must buy right now. And you will also get some of my custom bonus if you buy from my link.

What all things I’ll get?

Well, don’t get confused whether you only gonna get Videos nothing else, no, you also will get many customizing things that stop certain part of the video and that too for a specific time, get buttons integrations, get banners adjustment, email options, and more another thing just in your small short clips.

You will get many other effects also like adding text, adding 2x video that will make your video faster, new things like button links and one-click share on all your social media accounts or you can add it on your website or page.

Quick Description

ProductClipmagix Pro
VendorBrett Ingram et al
Price(Front End)$27(One time)
Refund Policy30 Day Money Back
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official WebsiteVisit
8 Total Score
Highly Recommended

If you want to increase your sales and conversion, besides profit, if you want to increase user engagement, attract more users, make your content as Brand then you professional-looking video clips by Clipmagix will give you all you need. You will get all type of customizations, integrations and very easy to use interface will allow any newbie to easily understand the product and use it.

Built-in Templates
User Friendly
Other Files Integrations
My Custom Bonuses
  • Thousands of Built-in Videos
  • Full editing of videos
  • Complete customization ability
  • Text, button, banners integrations
  • User Friendly
  • Some file formats may not add
  • video rendering is little slow
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Are you Still Waiting?

If still deciding whether you should buy this product or not then continue reading the post, but if not, then Go ahead, You will get Custom Bonuses.

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Brief Features of Clipmagix

Visual Content

You will get thousands of different visual content clips from all the popular categories, no matter what is your niche you will get your videos. You will get attractive different Video Clips that your customers are gonna like and you don’t even have to pay for any template or video, and you will get all the rights to reuse and redistribute those videos.


The next big thing which comes with this software is that you will get all kinds of different customizations, features, and integration. Like you can select a certain part of your video then make it run or select a certain part to make it stop. Or you can add effects and other things which you gonna like. From Color effect to cut and paste and collage effect, you will et all the features.


No undertaking you want to add a picture, banner, another video, button or text in your Visual video clip. You can add all of them without having any problem. Not even add you can also adjust crop, and add effect on your text on the video, these many integrations are something you could only get with some good Softwares only this is why I gave my honey Clipmagix Review.

However, some files like pdf, or excel file these are some files you can’t add but may in the next update they will add this feature too.

Attract Customers Worldwide

Clipmagix will allow you to add many unique styles of headlines, call to actions, website links, and many other things that will attract millions of customers from all around the world. You can also download these clips and then simply add up on your blog, website, email, or any other site. This is how you stand out from the competition.

Build your Brand Value

Clipmagix will give you a completely different style of editing and customizing options that will allow you to stand out of the competition and build your Brand Value. Your clips will look professionally designed by giving many hours of work to make but they don’t know that you have just put 15 minutes only.

Increase Conversion and Profits

The reason why I recommend this software in my Clipmagix Pro Review is just that it will increase your profit with an almost new level. Attractive Banners, Button will increase CTR and Conversions and ultimately more sales equals more Profit.

For Whom this Software is built for?

If you’re any of these

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Quick Overview of Customizations

Customization Creator

You can add everything to make your clip stunning, from text to images, logos, button and even Links.

HD Clips

Many People have doubts whether Clips are HD or not, yes, you will get HD Clips which you can download also.

Publish Anywhere

Yes, you can download or upload directly to your social media platforms, website, blog or anywhere you want.

Trim your Video

Trimming video could take some time but its very easy to trim and make your favorite clip

Incredible Effects

Not only customizing you video is there but also you will get many different kinds of effects options that you can add up here.

Increase Conversions

All the above features will ultimately give you high conversion, sales and yes Profit.

How to Make your first Clip? Demo Tutorial!

Step 1: Add up your video

There are three options to add up your video, first is search from Youtube, another is directly upload your video and the last one is chosen from built-in.

Step 2: Edit your Clip

After selecting your Clip, you can then add effects and edit your video, like Mask, animate it, or make any other changes.

Step 3: Add other Things

Now, you Can add up many other things like button, Text, Banner and also edit them according to your need.

Step 4: Download or Directly Post

You Can finally download the video or you can do is directly post your clip to all the social media accounts which you have added in the software.

Frequently Asked Question

is Videos are more effective than text?

Yes, it is a fact that videos are more effective than text, it attracts more people, it engages more your audience and increases conversions.

Is Seller Trust Worthy?

Yes, the vendor name is Brett Ingram et al who has launched many popular products before and they were big hits.

is this Newbie friendly?

Yes, even if you never had any experience with this kind of software then also you will get to know about this software easily.

Will I get Bonus Also?

Yes, there is my custom bonus if you purchase right now.

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Special Bonuses

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