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Contentpress Honest Review – When it comes to blogging or niche sites then content plays an important role, probably the most. It is said that Content is King, if your Content is good then everything you’re doing is good and you gonna get good results for sure.

But it also becomes difficult to write thousands of words daily and that too yourself only. So, what people seek is a tool that could help you with that. I mean something like Article re-write tool that generate the same article as written by any real guy from his Pc.

And you’ll know that Market is full of this kind of tools, well, there are some genuine Tools which re-generates article but believe me its almost impossible to find any tool that could generate Article like man written, even if you able to find it then its backend that real guys are doing with article writing. Let me explain to you:

What do these tools actually do?

Content Writing tools or plugins are not difficult to understand, as they all do the same thing, nothing is different.

  • Regenerates the already written Content from the Internet
  • Change Grammer and words to look like Unique
  • Find Labels for reuse Content, I don’t think that exists
  • Spin your Content or someone’s else
  • Gives you the same Original Content as that they are giving to all others (Haha, another copy)

There is not much difference between article re-writing tool, but I think if there is good spinning article then it would be great for your some of there sites like backlinks sites or guest post or even web 2.0 or something like that.

This is why I am here for you to review one another new product in Market Named as Content Press. My Contentpress review is not just about whether this product copy article or not but many other things that could be very helpful for you and how does this product work for you. Let’s have look at this tool that says that you can just click a few times and get your content.

What Exactly ContentPress is?

Content Press basically a plugin for WordPress and within this plugin you will get everything. Everything I mean you will get Articles, Social Media Sharing option, Post Indexer and you can do anything with that content.

ContentPress says that they have Content generation in almost all the categories and they have many other features and many more things.

But before you go with this Content Writing service, you have to read ContentPress Review that is from the real end-user and then you will get to know about everything and important that you should buy this or not.

Quick Description

ProductContent Press
VendorMike Mckay et al
Price(Front End)$22
RecommendationDon't Buy this Product
Official Website
3 Total Score
Don't Buy this Product

As I told you that there is no Tool, software that can write completely unique article on any niche. The same goes with this, you can't get unique articles from this plugin no matter how much you pay, however, some of the features here I like rewrite content in any form and social media sharing in one click but speaking about unique articles written for me, no way.

Unique Articles
1 Click Social Sharing
Content in All forms
Re generates content
  • 1 Click Social Sharing
  • Post Article on all forms
  • No Unique Content
  • Copied articles

What are the Flaws in this Software

There are some features that the vendor says about the product but here I am gonna tell what exactly these features are is it try or not? In Short Content Press Features Review.

Automated Content Writing Service And Also sell

As I told you there is no content Writing tool on Spinning Article Software are there and as this Software tell you that you will get all unique article from any niche or category, its complete fraud. The truth is that they have many article which cover majority of categories of majority people and on that also only few of them are unique.

Even if you’re able to get the unique article then also it can’t gonna help you as that same article would be copied by many others. One day or not Google or someone is gonna know that you copied the article and even Copyscape can find it in few seconds. But if you use the spinning article feature that may be good but as there are many other services in the market, so there is no reason to spend $22 on this software.

Sell it on Fiverr or anywhere

This is something trickier, yes, you can sell this fraud content to anyone real user online anywhere you want until he/she is ready to buy it. As if he check your content from Copyscape or any other plagiarism checker tool then you gonna have to listen some real shit from them.

And Another reason is that its not good to do that as I am strictly against fooling someone, the money coming from frauding someone isn’t worth it.

Create Content in all Formats

This feature is something I admire of this software as Content Press Plugin Rewrites content not only in Text form but in many other popular forms that you gonna like.

You will get your Articles in almost all the forms like PDF which is the most popular one, Make it as an infographic or you can even make e-book. If you want to spend $22 on these things then you should buy.

1 Click Post Indexer

I can give you $100 if you give you anyone Indexer software that gives me at least 90% of guaranteed link indexed. I am not speaking about indexing services here, I am talking about any software, no matter paid or free that allows you simply put your link on it and wohaa next day you come in and see you links are indexed now.

To Be honest, there is no software that could index your links with guaranteed, and same goes with this plugin, they say that they have an indexing feature with the plugin but if you would take my side then You never gonna get index your link from their plugin.

Newbie Friendly and Video Tutorials

In this case, I do agree with them as they have easy to navigate and use the menu with their plugin but what do of navigation when your product is of no use.

Talking about video tutorial then I would say that they are good, not up to the mark but yes, they are good and you gonna love it.

Not to forget, they have a commercial License also for you.

Article Generator

The thing which is of use in Content Press is only Article Generator as it finds related articles according to your category and then it regenerates them in other words that look unique but actually it’s not. It spins the article but again there are many spinning article on Internet which you can use for free. Then why to spend $22 of no use.

Now, What should You do for Content Generation?

Well, the simple answer is that you can’t do anything about content generation as there is no way to generate content to simply copy and past on your site and make $$.

Content is King and you shouldn’t compromise making content as this is only thin which could get you real $$ and don’t compromise with that. Things you can do for content writing are:

  1. Write your Content yourself best ways
  2. If you don’t’ have time then hire a Content Writer on a permanent basis to decrease its cost
  3. but if you don’t want to hire content writer then you can get service
  4. There are so many Content Writing services out there online, the best way on Fiverr within $5

I am sure you may be loved reading the review of Content Press Plugin or tool and if have any query regarding this tool or something else then you can always contact me, from the contact page.

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