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EPIC funnels Member’s Area Review – World’s Most Affordable Viral Funnel Builder

Are you looking for software that:

  • Create Viral Funnels(With DFY Funnels)
  • Send Bulk e-mail(with DFY e-mail Templates)
  • Lead Management(Complete Record of all leads)
  • And all that in One Time Payment of $17

If yes, then you’re in right place, and EPIC funnels review is something you should look before you go ahead any buy.

We all know marketing isn’t that easy and simple, you have to spend lot of hours and especially money on all those tools like Clickfunnels, Convertkit, mail munch to do all the jobs from creating a campaign with Funnels to sending e-mails to your customers.

The one thing I hate the most is monthly recurring fees, but there’s brand new software out there in the Market Named EPICFunnels, it’s probably the best Funnel Builder Software I ever reviewed.

And If you’re in the Marketing industry then you probably already know the importance of Funnels creation and e-mail management software, they’re really expensive but worth spending money, but what if you don’t even have to spend too much of money but still get the same results.

This is why I am gonna give you a complete detailed Epic Funnel Review, what all things you should know, Why this software is the best ever software, Special Bonuses Pack from me and Vendor, and Discount + OTO Information.

What Exactly the Epic Funnels is? My Review and Experience?

Epic Funnel is Cloud Based Software that will let you create funnels, manage your customer, manage leads, contact leads, send an e-mail with e-mail templates and also with Many DFY Funnels for you.

Not only this but you can also create forms, Survey builders to create surveys, e-mail opt-ins, and popups to capture all the potential customers. What I loved the most is the SMS and e-mail templates you get already made for you in Epic Funnels. I will tell you complete details about every single feature below in my Epic Funnels Review:

Brief Overview

ProductEpic Funnels
VendorBilly Darr
Price(Front End)$17
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
RecommendationBest Funnel Builder Ever
Official WebsiteVisit
10Expert Score
Best Deal Ever (Don't Miss it)

You wanna bet? I can guarantee that you will not get this kind of software easily in the market at this rate. This kind of software is considered to be one time in history software, there's nothing I didn't like about this software. And Best Part, it's Complete Marketing Tool Package.

Create Viral Funnels Easily
DFY Templates for Funnels and e-mail
Customization and Editing
Marketing campaigns
Leads Triggers
100% Easy to Use
  • Form/Survey Builder
  • SMS &amp
  • e-mail Templates
  • HTML Builder
  • Complete Report of all audience
  • Trigger Leads
  • Easy Editing &amp
  • Customization
  • Training Portal
  • Brand Name Premium Sub-domain
  • Contacts and Smart Filter
  • Should be more Templates
  • Nothing Else

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Reasons Epic Funnels is One-time History Product

There are many funnel creation software, many campaign management software, and many e-mail marketing software, Epic Funnels is completely different and best from them, because:

  • It’s a Complete Pack of E-mail Marketing, Funnel Builder, Website Builder, Marketing Campaign Software
  • It has wide Customization abilities and elements to add with section and rows available you won’t get to find in any other tools easily
  • Not only this but custom Form builder, HTML Builder, Survey Builder, SMS, and e-mail template will help you capture all leads easily.
  • You can Not just can send bulk e-mail to your list but also contact via SMS or chat
  • All that in the Most affordable price of $17 with Discount going on right now, and Not to mention Custom Bonuses from Me and Vendor

Why and Who all should Buy Epic Funnels?

Why and who all should buy Epic Funnels

In fact, for beta testing, developers have launched their other products like Flux and 10xprofits with Epic Funnels, everything was managed by epic funnels, from all pages of website creation to e-mail send, 2 step payment, to customer management, everything was managed by Epic Funnels.

So, this is how you can imagine the power of this wonderful software and at the cheapest rate possible.

Meet the Creator

Creator of Epic Funnels

Billy Darr is a popular Marketer and Vendor, he already has many big launches before and all of the customers’ reviews were positive. You’ll get complete support from him and trust.

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Epic Funnels Member’s Area Review & Working

Here is a Complete Review of Epic Funnels, I’ll try to give you complete information about every different tab and settings:

#1. Dashboard

Dashboard of Epic Funnels Review

The first thing you’ll see on your computer screen after login into your account is the dashboard. It includes complete details of all the campaigns, opportunities, new audience, conversion rate, leads, Reviews, and everything which would be going on in Epic Funnels.

#2. Conversation & Opportunities

Second Tab

As the name suggests that, you can here chat with your customers, and let them know about everything you’re promoting personally.

The third tab would your pipeline, that how many visitors are in which step of your funnel and everything. You’ll see many different option once you start any campaign.

#3. Funnel and Websites

Funnels and Website Tab in Epic Funnels Review

Just forget all the tabs for now, cause’ your first step would be creating a funnel, Go to Tab named “Funnel and Websites”. You will see many different DFY Funnels or you can just create from scratch by click on the top right corner.

Editing made simple

After clicking on ‘Add New’ then just Funnel Name, then start adding new Steps, just like you do with ‘Funnel Builder’. After adding first step then you just have to edit your funnel Website. You can see several options to edit your funnel like a pro.

#4. Marketing

Marketing Campaigns with Epic Funnels

Now Coming to the Second most used tab in Epic Funnels Review is “Marketing”. In this tab you’ll see different sub-heads, like form builder, Survey Builder and other. You can use them to create forms, HTML, e-mail templates, there’s nothing much to say about them in this review but you’ll love when you start building or use DFY templates.

#5. Reporting

Reporting Epic Funnels Review Tab

For those who want to integrate their ad campaign like Google ads, Facebook ads with Epic Funnels for them this option is best if they want to track a complete record of visitors.

#6. Scheduling

Schedule tab

There’s nothing fancy about Scheduling, it will just tell you all the activities you’re gonna have to do today, next day, next day of next week, you can set it up and software will remind you itself.

#7. Reputation

All that review you’re getting is here, you can check out all the reviews and reply them back.

#8. Contact

It has all your e-mail list, and campaigns with e-mails, you may also import the list if you want from any other source. besides that you’ll get complete track of all your customers and their details.

#9. Triggers

Triggers are set of several automation, which will get triggered with the condition get full filled, for example, you can set one trigger, like when someone scrolls down your site, they will get hit by e-mail popup, or when someone leaves payment the get e-mail to respond you forget your payment.

#10. Training Portal

Apart from everything, if you can’t really able to understand and make good looking funnels then you can check out the training portal to know some more details about Epic Funnels, and how to use it.

#11. Settings

Settings in Epic Funnels

The setting might be a little bit confusing but you don’t have to fill all set, just fill some of your profile settings and some other important details if you want to. And you can change many other in-campaign settings from here only.

Upsell Information

Front End: EPIC Funnels – $17

The World’s First Viral Funnel Builder. ​The Software, In Short, Gives Your Customers Everything They Need To Create High Converting Sales Funnels Easily In Just a Few Clicks.

It Also Contains Done-For-You Templates & The Software Is Very Similar To Clickfunnels But Without The Monthly Fee.

Upsell 1: EPIC Funnels – Unlimited Edition – $37

The Unlimited Edition of EPIC Funnels has Multi Funnel, unlimited usage, unlimited traffic and sales. It also comes with additional tutorials.

Upsell 2: EPIC Funnels – Traffic Edition – $37

The Traffic Edition of EPIC Funnels lets your customers unlock the additional traffic features for even more free viral traffic.

Upsell 3: EPIC Funnels – Done-For-You Edition – $197

In this upgrade our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.

Upsell 4: EPIC Funnels – 100K Funnel Edition – $37

The 100K funnel edition lets your customers instantly import a funnel template that has done over $100,000 in sales for us personally.

They can instantly edit, customize and use the templates for their own business to get traffic, leads and sales…

Upsell 5: EPIC Funnels – ATM Edition – $197

Your customers experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience.

Now we actually set up a funnel for your customers on their hosting, with their accounts so they can build a list and make money.

Not only is the funnel completely set up for them, but we also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and additional traffic tutorials.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Epic Funnels is different from any other?

Epic Funnels is not only different but I would say best if you want something all in one Marketing tools. You can create Funnels, Sales Pages, Forms, Responder integrations, Build e-mail send, Contact, Manage e-mail, and many other things. Which could cost you around $200 per month.

Is there Refund Period?

Publicly there's no Refund Policy, but you can always contact the vendor and get your money back in 30 Days of Period. You'll get your 100% Money Back.

is it easy to use?

Yes, Epic Funnels is probably the easiest funnel creation software I ever reviewed. I didn't have to understand much about all the tabs when I was reviewing Epic funnels. And even if you never have used funnels creation software before then also you'll understand everything in short period.

Is Seller Trust Worthy?

Yes, as I said earlier, You'll get complete support from Billy Darr, he is one of the most trusted seller and had very big launches before. Even if you want to ask fro refund then also feel free to ask him.

Will I get Bonuses Also?

You will get Huge Pack of different custom Bonuses from my side and also Special relevant Bonuses from the Vendor side. You can check My Bonuses Below.

is there any discount going on?

Prices are rising every hour, so, don't waste time on anything else. You can check out Product Now and Grab Your Bonuses + Special Discount.

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