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LeadPal Member’s Area Review – Ultimate Way to Collect Social Legit Leads

LeadPal Honest User End Review: These days its really difficult to convert people into sales and also very difficult to get their legit e-mails on signup forms or optins. In fact, 88% of people who collect give e-mails to signup forms are fake, not active or rarely active. The main reason for this is people often spam their inbox with promotional tools which I don’t like and either I don’t do that.

This is why Big Companies like medium, hubspot and many more don’t simply collect their e-mail addresses as sign up forms, they give the option to sign up with social media link. This is how they get their 100% legit e-mail address and this why e-mail marketing becomes highly converting for them.

If you’re the one who wants to get legit e-mails of your audience, and more subscribers, send wonderful reminders then you’re in right place. There’s brand new software recently launched in the market named LeadPal that helps you with all these things.

But here comes twist, it costs $37 and that’s what is confusing, is it worth buying it, should you buy it and who all should buy, I am gonna give you my honest User End Review, whether this Tool would be worth buying for you or not. So, keep on reading my LeadPal Review and get your answers.

My Review on LeadPal and Recommendation

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LeadPal is Brand New Cloud-Based Software that allow you to get all the social leads from your audience which you can use as any ad, like facebook ad or you can easily embed on your website. Users need to link their social account to signup your form, and you can select any social account which you want, no matter facebook, google, twitter Microsoft, apple and many more.

There is Popup for your website which you can easily embed on your website with Facebook, twitter, google or any other social site to automatically sync with. You can design your popup the way you want which I will discuss later in this LeadPal Review.

You can also sync with Autoresponders with any autoresponder you have like Mailchimp, getresponse, and many more. Also, get Zapier integration or simply use HTML Form. There will be one responder in Leadpal also.

Brief Overview

VendorAble Chika
Price(Front End)$37
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
RecommendationWorth Buying it
Official WebsiteVisit
8.5 Total Score
Worth Buying it

e-mails are probably the most effective way of Marketing and promoting products Online, so, you don't want Spam emails in your list, do you? This is why LeadPal would be best choice if you want to get lead from anywhere facebook, google, twitter and many more with simple few clicks setup. You will get complete Customization abilities which let you customize your Popup the way you want and its 100% Newbie friendly.

Get Leads from Social Platforms
Easily Embed Popup on Website
100% Newbie Friendly
Sync with any Autoresponder
Both Vendor and My Custom Bonuses
  • Get Leads from Social Platforms
  • All the Social Platforms
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Complete Customizations Ability
  • Vendor and My Custom Bonuses
  • Price is little High
  • Templates for Autoresponder

Why should You Buy LeadPal Today?

The main reason why you should Take Action Today is that there’s Early Bird Discount going on, and you will also get Custom Bonuses from both Vendor and my Side. You will get Early Bird Discount, so, Don’t Waste Time, you won’t get any useless product.

LeadPal helps it’s users grow their email lists by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links from platforms like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Linkedin. This eliminates the collection of fake and unverified emails.

If you’re confused then keep on reading my honest LeadPal Review:

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You got nothing to lose as there is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee that makes you get your 100% Money Back. And also get Discount if you take Action Now!

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Features you get with LeadPal

Grow Your e-mail List

You Don’t Need to any expert of coding or even you don’t need to use any plugin or third-party software, just use LeadPal as I will tell you with LeadPal Review later. Not only you will grow your email list but also all the emails are working and real users email that gives you highest number of conversions.

One-Click Social Lead

This Cloud-based Software is best for both users and also for you, it won’t take much time to create awesome Social Lead and also with one click your users and sign up with their social account and you get your their real working email. There are almost all the social lead which you can let your users sign up with like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and many more.

Unique opt-in Links

You can create awesome looking Opt-ins that you can integrate anywhere you want, like if you want Popup then you can make Popup and for your website where users can sign up with social media links. Can use many opt-in for forum, ads, and many others and remove or add any social link which you want.

Intuitive software

Intuitive Software that automatically decides which Icon is to be displayed at first, that means modern advanced technology will automatically detect for whom which social icon is to be displayed first. If someone isn’t using twitter then no matter where the position of twitter is it will automatically get below all others.

Sync with Autoresponder

You can also automatically sync with any Autoresponder that will collect emails and work as an autoresponder like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Sandlane and more as I will tell you below in My LeadPal Review. You can also download complete email list in one click in any format and also get complete analytics of all the emails like impressions, clicks and more

Set Reminders

We display amazing Pop-Ups when visitors try to leave the user’s website. Interested visitors ask for a reminder at the date of their choice: In 1 hour, 24 hours, a week later or they can pick their own time and date. Then we send the right email at the right time.

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Working of LeadPal with Step

Step #1: Dashboard and Create

The First steps go with Dashboard, you need to login to your dashboard with the details which you get after you purchase it. And there are some items which you will be able to see at sidebar, the first one is campaigns, which is only useful after you made you several Campaigns.

The second option is Link where you can create leadpal link, enable disable, copy embed code, get subscribers details and the third one is Analytic where you will get a detailed report of all your campaigns and links as you can see the Screenshot here on my LeadPal Hones Review.

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Step #2: Jump to Setup

As you have just started the LeadPal the first step comes you would do is Setup, Click on Setup Option and Integrate with Autoresponder. Select the Autoresponder you want to choose as it is cloud-based software you won’t get any problem with selecting one.

Step #3: Set up Campaign

You are done with Integrating with Autoresponder, Now, you just need to Start Campaign. Go to Campaign Tab and Click on Start New Campaign. Add Campaign Link and Fallback Link, add a description if you want to add and some Tags also.

Choose the Social Signal Channels, edit all them which you want to add and remove which you don’t want. Also, give the Custom Text to different Social Icons. Add your logo if you have.

Step #4: Links

Once you are done with Creating Campaign the next step would be getting links and enable or disable the link. You can also get embed code from here.

Step #5. Reminders

The Reminder is simply Popup which you can use on your Personal Website, Just go to Reminders section and Click on add new domain, you probably haven’t added any domain. After you added domain then you can click on add popup option and Start Customizing your Popup.

You can Now, Customize the Reminder or Popup the way you want, There are different styles which you get, you can change the position like full screen, sidebar and many more.  Change the colors, add or remove the Social Icons, or even add e-mail options. You can also Customize the Button and links, etc. There are a lot options of customization, you will get to know after you buy.

Step #6: Get Embed Code

The Last Step would be Get Embed code and simply paste it on your website where you want this popup to display, it’s really easy and Simple.

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$27 $37

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Why You Should Buy LeadPal?

Well, Collecting email with typical old method of jus one popup is become really old, you don’t want that, right? All traffic which you get is genuine traffic and they have the intention to buy your Product but they at that time they don’t want, so, after some time they forgot to buy.

This is why LeadPal Plays Important Role here, with One Click Social Media Integration, you get their working emails and once you got their emails you then you can simply Remind them anytime about the product and believe me they gonna buy it for sure.

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OTO Details

Frequently Asked Question

Is it Worth using Social Media integration?

Yes, definitely, Typical Old Style Sign up Form isn't that effective and its fact the 88% of emails are spam emails given by users. This is why I suggest using Social Media Integrations to get 100% Genuine working emails.

Can I use Normal Sign up Form also?

Yes, leadpal has also normal Popup form where you will get hundreds of different templates and customizing options to choose from, so, you can make that also without any problem and add Social Icons in it.

Is Seller Trust Worthy?

Yes, his name is Able Chika. And he already launched many different hit products which have been of great use for everybody. So, you will get complete trust and Money Back Guarantee from him.

Is there Refund Period?

There is 30 Days Money-back Guarantee which ensures that you will get your 100% Money-Back within 30 Days, so, if you even just want to give one Try then you can also Check out that.

Will I get Bonuses Also?

You will get Custom Bonuses from Both Vendor Side and also from my Side, You just need to buy from the given link in this post.

My Custom Bonuses

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