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Are you Marketer, or do you have pretty well knowledge about SEO or Marketing, if yes, then why are you wasting your time? There are clients available out there for you who wants to hire someone like you. I know there is too much competition and it becomes difficult to even get hired at a reasonable rate, but what if I say Now you can get hired for a good price.

Yes, You simply can’t find anyone on google or Facebook that needs you as there are so many people sitting out there professional with team but you can get those clients who are not yet hired any marketer or agency service. And Yes you don’t have to spend too many hours finding them as there is one tool just launched which will help you with that.

But the question is that is it really worth buying, does this tool really help you find the best clients or should you buy it and it will give you a good amount of Return on Investment. Today, I am gonna give you my Honest Review on LeadsGorilla, should you buy it or not, how to use it, OTO details and which one to choose, and of course my Custom Bonuses only relevant.

What is LeadsGorilla and My Quick Recommendation?

LeadsGorilla is Brand New Software that will find, land, and sell your agency services or let you find local clients. It mainly focuses on Local Clients rather than focusing on big players in the market that gives too little for more work.

It will get you to find local businesses who will be ready to hire you. The latest modern technology of LeadsGorilla will give you everything and all complete details of your client, as its listing, is reviews, website, Address, GMD Photos, and Optimization, and most important whether it’s claimed or not.

Not only this then you can easily manage your all clients, choose from the huge list no matter where you’re sitting from all around the world, You can simply manage them and also Send them an e-mail with DFY e-mails for you ready Send. Just make sure you change your name and other things, depending upon your marketing strategy it will send message to your all clients on mail.

Brief Overview

VendorBen Murray
Price(Front End)$37
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
RecommendationOne Time Offer
Official WebsiteVisit
9.5 Total Score
Must Buy this Product

As per my experience around with these tools, I just want to say that these kinds of Softwares aren't easily got available at this price, so, if you getting this deal then you shouldn't wait just go ahead and Buy LeadsGorilla. If you're any Marketer who is struggling hard to get clients then this tools is gonna take over the job of finding client, you just need to focus on your main job.

Find Local Business
GMD LeadsScore Technology
Newbie Friendly
Customization and Filters
Custom Bonuses
  • Find Best Clients
  • Local Businesses who Need Marketing Service
  • From all over the World
  • Multiple Platforms(Google, Facebook, more)
  • GMD Optimization Ratings
  • Filter and Customization
  • Lot of things to fill on DFY e-mail
  • Little Less Filters

Is LeadsGorilla Worth it for you?

Definitely Yes, it’s that rare piece of Gem that you never gonna get if you’re into the business of Marketing service or SEO agency. It will skyrocket your clients and you don’t even need to get stressed about Managing your clients, it gives you everything with one Software only.

Generate and Download the GMD of your client and check out the ways how you can get them Rank higher on Google, you can then also print PDF report.

What I liked the most about this product is its e-mail management tool that will not only let you send Customizable e-mail to all of your clients but also manage them like who all are left and to who needs to send.

And It’s a One-time payment, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees, just buy it for once and that’s all Use if for a lifetime.

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Are you Still Waiting?

If you're still deciding or confused then don't worry, keep on reading the review or just buy it now and try it yourself as you have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Features of LeadsGorilla

Find Leads from Multiple Platforms

You can find leads from different platforms, like from Google, Facebook Page and you can also select from different options inside it with complete filter option. Just enter your Keyword and select the location you want to target and you will get results accordingly.

Generate GMD Reports

With brand new modern GMD Technology, you will find Leads from local businesses and also their GMP Optimization Report. You will get complete details of the client and according to you could take a decision and send them mail. Or Download the GMD Report of later use.

Complete Training Course

LeadsGorilla comes with a complete local training course that will lead you to know how you can use the Leadsgorilla to find the best local leads. LeadsGorilla Acadamy comes with complete details.

Contact your Leads

LeadsGorilla will provide you complete details of your Lead, you just have to look into the reports and that’s it. Save them and directly Contact them with many different DFY e-mails to choose according to your service.

Manage Clients

Even Managing Clients aren’t that difficult, it will give you complete details of your clients, which to send a message which to not, and you can select or deselect from there only.

User-end Review of LeadsGorilla

Now, let’s have look at complete user-end Review of Leads Gorilla, what all its features, and all other important things. With Start to End Steps let me give you my detailed review and experience.

Step 1: Find Leads

Step one starts with finding leads, once you login to your dashboard, you will be able to see tab your left-hand side with many options there, don’t worry I will explain all, but the most important option is “Find Leads”… Click on that and then choose Facebook or Google, after that You need to Enter your Keyword on the box, whichever you’re expert in, and then enter a local location. It will give you many potential clients in one click.

Step 2: Choosing your lead

When you hit search button it will show you many results and you need to choose from them, which would be your best clients, You will get complete details of your client there like Google ratings, Website, Address, Claimed or not, Reviews, GMD Photos and best things which I liked is GMD LeadsScore Technology my favorite things which will help you find your clients in the best way.

filter and Sort

Another things which you probably like the most is its filter and sort options that will help you finding the best clients possible, the filter includes, Ratings, who doesn’t have Website(you can also make a website for them), who are claimed or not claimed, Reviews are less than 100, and who have at least 100 GMD Photos, these things could help you find the best converting client and of course profitable also.

You can also do Sorting, just by name, or Review and some other things as showing in the image above. You can search for unclaimed businesses and then you can go to google and Claim them, which would help you converting clients really quickly.

Step 3: Add to Campaign

After you are done with selecting your Lead then you can simply add it to your campaign which you already made or make a new one then only. Click on Save Lead and then select or make a campaign and add to it.

Step 4: Manage Campaign

Now moving forward, we will jump onto next row of left tab named as Manage Campaign Click on it. Here you will see all your campaigns and leads saved on your campaign and all the important data to that campaign.

Now, Open up the Campaign and you will see all the leads saved on it, and also other important details, like whether you have contacted your leads or not, how many you have contacted and like more.

Step 5: GMD Report

Ahead to the Third Row, where you could see the GMD Report of you Leads, just click on GMD Report, select which you want Like Facebook, GMD or SEO and Select Campaign and then you will see all your leads there.

Then select your Client and Download the Report, the report will show you where your clients have to improve their listing, like Google, Facebook, or any other.

Step 6: Contact the Leads

Just click on the Contact option from the left tab and then select the Campaign which you want to open and then you will get all the leads on that campaign.

Select the lead and click on mail option to directly send the mail.

Customizing e-mail

Now, its time to send the e-mail to your Clients, you can choose from pre-made DFY e-mail templates for you, for that, you just need to click on category option and then select the category, After that e-mail will automatically come to the compose box.

Then Choose the Subject or you will get default according to your category. You just have to replace some of the things like your name, country and all, then you’re ready to send your e-mail. Before you hit the send button I suppose to preview it as you have the option of preview also. At Last Hit on Send Mail Option.

Complete Demo Video

OTO Details and which on to Buy

Which One You Should Buy?

At first, if you are new to this Local Service Marketing then you can go with Starter Pack but if you’re professional and doing this for long period then I you suppose to go with LeadsGorilla Pro or Citation Pack as there will be unlimited Leads you can generate by that.

LeadsGorilla Agency is of no use for you if you’re working alone with one or 2 partners but if you have multiple partners and the team then Agency Pack would be the best choice for you.

LeadsGori Reseller is of no use for you, or do you want to resell it, if yes, then buy it.

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Why Do I say this product is Priceless?

Frequently Asked Question

does it show Claimed or unclaimed Business?

Yes, LeadsGorilla will show you which local businesses are claimed and which are not and from there you could easily add to your campaign.

Is there Refund Period?

There is nothing worry about as there is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee which will let you to get your 100% Money Back.

is this Newbie friendly?

Yes, LeadsGorilla is Newbie Friendly and you can also have look at my detailed Review above.

Will I get Bonuses Also?

Yes, you will get Custom Special Bonuses which will help you in many ways and all these bonuses are relevant nothing crap huge bunch of bonuses.

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