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Levidio Animatoon Review – Wonderful Animation Creation or Crap?

The modern world is full of videos and Animation this has shown us that Animations gets more attention and people love to watch and view Animated videos and you get more conversion from Animated videos rather than reading text. This is why today, I came up with Levidio Animatoon Review which is another tool that gives you different Animations and graphics.

As we all know that Animations are not easy to make this is why people look for something DFY Animations where you will thousands of different Animations and that too available for almost all the popular niches that you will get easily.

There are thousands of Animations creation software available out there on the market but no software that gives you Pre-build thousands of Customizable Animations which you can use to create Animations and this is why you might look here whether Levidio Animatoon gives you something similar like that or not. Let’s know what are some benefits of Animations:

Why Animation is becoming so Popular?

There are many reasons these days Animations are getting more attention, some of them are:

  • Get More attention and Grab Audience
  • Less Bounce Rate, People Engage more
  • Increase Conversion Rates and Get More Sales
  • Easy to Understand

There are many other benefits of using Animation and if you are one who always tries to explain things to your customer or audience then Levidio Animatoon is something that could be the best product for you or even the worst. Don’t worry I will give you everything you need to know before you buy Levidio Animatoon.

I will give you complete benefits and downsides, pros or cons, and also My custom Bonuses if you decide to buy the product. Below here is my complete Review of Levidio Animatoon, whether you should buy it or not?

What is Levidio Animatoon? My Recommendation

Levidio Animatoon is another wonderful DFY Animation Tool where you will get thousands of different niche animations that you can easily use with this software. Not only there are hundreds of different Animations but you can also create High converting Animated explainer videos of your own category.

Not only you can just copy and paste Already made Animations with this product but you can also customize the Animations with your own style according to your style depending upon your niche.

Why Users Loved this product is because it does not just give you Animation of Men but men doing many things like running, swimming and huge other customizable things with huge list of different Animations that you gonna love with this Tool.

Quick Description

ProductLevidio Animatoon
VendorMaulana Malik et al
Price(Front End)$27(One time)
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official WebsiteVisit
9 Total Score
Must Buy this Product

If you're the one who always explains things, products, services to your customers then Levidio Animatoon is something that will help you in many things, it will not only increase your Audience but also increase their engagement. It will decrease the bounce rate of your product and the best thing is you will get all this with one-time payment only not like other where you need to pay monthly fees of $$.

Huge Collection of Animations
Custom Bonuses
Dynamic Animations
  • Huge Collection of different Animations
  • New Category Animations
  • Covers almost all the categories
  • Customize Animations in your own style
  • Custom Bonuses
  • Some Banners are static
  • Some Micro niche Animations are missing
  • Some Background are static too
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Are you Still Waiting?

You don't need to worry about your money as it has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, if you will not like the product then you can always get your money back.

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Levidio and PowerPoint

In Levidio Animatoon, you can make many different Animation categories friendly Animations which uses PowerPoint where you don’t need any plugins or anything. Animations Creation will make your business to the next level with increasing customer Engaging rate.

Levidio needs PowerPoint to Make awesome Animations, Powerpoint is popular software that professional uses to video creation but here with Levidio and PowerPoint, you will get a great mixture of wonderful templates and extraordinary tools that will allow everyone to make new animations with graphic awesome.

Easy to Customization

There are thousands of templates you will get in Levidio and then you can just copy them in one click and make some changes and paste it on PowerPoint with customizing like Replace Image, Text, Color, and Sound. Even a newbie can easily get to know about this.

Easy to Add any Tool

Although you can Make all Videos and Animations using PowerPoint, There are many Animations and tools to integrate such as Camtasia. There are many tools like Aftereffects, green technic and many more things to use.


You will get to know about everything as there is complete tutorial to know everything like how to make faster videos, how you can make animations easily.

650+ Templates and graphic assets

There are more than 650 templates to Make Animations with PowerPoint to promote your business and make it super effective for your audience.

Innovative effects

What you gonna love the most about this Animation tools is that you will get wonderful animation effects and graphic creation and all using Power Point and make effects.

Flexible License

With the Levidio Commercial License, you can use Levidio to create videos for your clients and make all the profits yourself with all rights of you.

Levidio Animatoon Now

There are huge variety of Animatoon you will get, All you need Choose Customize, and export you favorite Animations to make in PowerPoint.

Levidio Animatoon Now

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Early bid discount & Bonus now.

Yes, you will get discount if you buy today, and if you buy form my Bonus link then you gonna get some Custom Bonuses that will really help you in Animations.

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My Personal Review on Modules & Features

Every Tool has Modules in it where it gives all the different features and things that their use may need while using the Tool and the same goes here. And I will give you My honest review on each and every Module of Levidio Animatoon.

#1 Static and Animated Character

You will get thousands of Animations and their different poses like sleeping, singing, walking and more but the main thing which I like is all are Customizable you can make them in your own style in Power Point and also make your own formats of them like PNG, GIF, MOV or any other with Premiere Pro, Camtasia, after effects and more.

#2 Pre-made explainer Video Templates

There is huge variety of different explainer video animations that will help you when you try to explain some kind of thins to your audience, it’s really helpful you gonna love this, as it will be available in 4K resolution and give you video editing facility.

#3 Both Animated and Static Background

There are hundreds of different kind of landscapes that are available for you to use, in both forms static and dynamic can be easily used inside PowerPoint and you can even customize it. this is another thing you gonna love it.

#4 Both Animated and Static Templates

Speaking about the main thing Templates which can use is the most important and useful thing and you will get all kind of forms animated and static which you can easily integrate into PowerPoint.

#5 Animated and Static Banner

Its not just Template and Background you also need some banners to promote anything and that can be achieved easily through Banner Services with both static and Animated Option and Interesting Animations.

#6 Room Background

There are wonderful different Room background design which you can easily get from Levidio Animatoon and You can integrate Backgrounds from PowerPoint easily. Room Background looks completely professional and you gonna love it.

#7 Animated and Static Office Backgrounds

You gonna fall in love with Office Backgrounds as that is something used by almost all the professional animators out there in the market. And you can also change the color.

#8 Studio Backgrounds

I personally didn’t find Studio Backgrounds as much use as others but still, if you have a niche within studio category then you gonna love the animated and static studio backgrounds.

#9 Landscape Backgrounds

You gonna love th Landscape Backgrounds as that is something that will engage more audience and make them feel good with proper mix of color and place.

#10 PaperCut & Abstract Background

I really loved the PaperCut Background where it is simple but seems like professional and Abstract Background is something that Modern Style Background is really good.

Create Animated Videos in 2 Minutes

Why Animations Explainer Videos are more effective than other Way?

There are three main reasons why these explainer videos are far more effective than any other source:

  1. Explainer Videos will increase the Sales Conversions: There are many studies proved that when a person understands your product and look like you’re professional with these Animations then they buy more of your product and increase Conversions. Video Explainer does the same thing.
  2. Your Audience attention and engagement is the most important thing when it comes to increasing sales and graphical animation videos make your work easy here, they get to know about your product more easily and engage your audience for more time.
  3. Not only this increase the sales but also make your work very easy when it comes to make videos or write articles rather than just choosing the best animation and video effect with Powerpoint will give you all you need in few clicks only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

is Animations more effective?

Yes, studies have proved that animations these days engage more people and get more conversions and also decrease the bounce rate.

Is there Refund Period?

Yes, you got nothing to lose as you will have 30 Days money-back guarantee. If you didn't like the product you can always get a 100% Refund.

My Custom Bonuses

#1 Bonus: Animated Explainer Video Templates]

#2 Bonus: Instant Facebook Video Cover PowerPoint Template

#3 Bonus: Template Video PowerPoint

#4 Bonus: Template Video Instagram

#5 Bonus: Power Animate V1

#6 Bonus: Mascot Creator Pro



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