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MyConversionKit Review ~10x Conversions + Special Bonuses + OTO

MyConversionKit User End Review: These Days Making people stay in our website or sales pages becoming more and more difficult. People are bouncing back these days more often and sooner than ever before. This ultimately causes a reduction in sales and a reduction in profits.

Marketing techniques have changed these days, people like more professional and quality things but on top of that, they need to get to know about each and every aspect of your product or service. Here comes the part of marketing tools that you can use on your web page or sales page that will definitely gonna increase your conversions and sales like anything.

Market is full of these tools and Softwares that could get you to increase your conversions by using different web page modules but believe me they charge way more than they should. However, newly launched tools like MyConversionKit Charges are less but is it worth buying this tool, that is something I am gonna review today with you all guys.

What some different options that help in increasing conversions:

Let’s have look at some best options which you can and most people use on their web page and literally saw increase in conversion number of times.

  • Hello Bar – It is the Most Popular One let you add a stylish customizable hello bar on your web page that will attract users and increase Clicks.
  • Popups – Popups could be of any, image, graphics, button or anything but the fact about popups is that they increase attention and 90% of people read Pop-ups.
  • Central Timer – It is one of the most popular options that sales page uses, increase the urgency of people to click and check out the product.
  • Tab Message – My personal favorite gives you dynamic Tab heads on all browsers, even if a person switches tab, he/she doesn’t get to come back.
  • Many More – It will become boring if I keep on telling you all, however, MyConversionKit has all of them and many more.

Today, I am gonna give you complete Detailed MyConverionKit Review from the real user end, and answering your questions like whether is it worth buying, will it increase my conversion, who should buy it, OTO Details and My Custom Bonuses. So Stick around with me and let’s get started:

What is MyConversionKit Exactly? and My Brief Recommendation

MyConversionKit is Marketing tool that comes with 13 different Conversion tools which you can simply integrate on your any domain, sales page, or web page. These Tools are something that you need to increase your Conversions up to 10x, and create and manage your different campaigns, with few line of codes you can integrate to your site.

There are over 13 different tools to integrate in your website, however, you don’t need to add all of them as it could be annoying for your customers if you add all your tools on one webpage, but its better of if you optimize some and add accordingly.

What I like the Most is you will get complete details of the campaign with complete information about how many people clicked it and how many didn’t and more.

Brief Overview

Price(Front End)$47
VendorAmit Verma
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official WebsiteVisit
9 Total Score
Highly Recommended

If you're the one who keeps on promoting different offers, products, and services then MyConversionKit is something that you should try definitely. Unlike all other Branded expensive products you don't have to pay monthly fees and you will get 13 different Conversion tools that will increase your conversions and ultimately more profits.

13 in one conversion tools
Cloud Based Applications
Easy Domain Integrations
100% Newbie Friendly
Vendor and My Custom Bonuses
  • 13 Conversion Tools in One
  • Easy Domains Integration
  • Create and Manage Your Campaigns
  • Completely Newbie Friendly
  • Get maximum conversion
  • Cloud-Based App
  • Custom Bonuses from Vendor and Me
  • Geo Redirection tool isn't that good
  • Only 5 Domains for front end price

Should I Buy MyConversionKit?

Yes, Definitely as I said everyone who is into the business of promoting products, and services, want more sales and conversions should definitely check out MyConversionKit. It could be a new turning point in your business, believe me, many of my clients has already been using this and they got a good results.

Bud don’t worry if you’re still confused, let’s go further in our MyConversionKit Review and have look on all 13 Conversion tools and its features.

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Honest Review of 13 Conversion Tools 

Let’s have look at all 13 different conversions tools, how many of them are really worth and how many not:

Tab Messages

Its probably the Most and important and Most useful Conversion tool that I found worth using with MyConversionKit, you can display any text with emojis Tab text whenever someone switches to another tab will make them come back to previous one.

Urgency Timer

Well, if you want to get the complete benefit of all your Customer or audience then you should use Urgency Timer to generate FOMO amongst your customer.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is Probably the Most Useful and Important Conversion tool and I think everyone must Have one Hello Bar Notification on their website through MyConversionKit. You will get 3 different Templates and also Customize them on your own style.

Image Popups

Image Popups is another wonderful popup that you probably gonna love as it attracts users’ attention and gives your awesome conversion rates.

Video Popups

You can also use Video Popups that will popup wonderful video explaining everything you want to explain to your users easily.

Hello Bar + Timer

You can also create FOMO from hello bar too, where you could set a timer and this is something that will force users to take action immediately, ultimately you gonna have more and more profits.

Central Timer

This urgency is not only for Hello bar but you can also create a central timer that will be integrated into the web page to create an urgency for your customers to click on the Buttons.

Geo Redirection

I really didn’t like this tool as there are still some work to be done with this tool, the main purpose is to target and filter your customers depending upon their geolocation

Exit Intent

This is a wonderful tool that will create and display popup with someone leaves your site or switches to a different tab.

Mobile Vibrator

Mobile Vibrator will Notify your customers as soon as your complete page loads and bring back all your lost traffic, this works really fine and completely unique feature never seen before.

Dynamic Elements

You can also use Dynamix elements and then customize them from the completely different user interface of this app, You gonna love this feature too.

Offer iframe

For some people this could be a life-changer tool, you’re using ad then Don’t let your ad hide your content. Show ad and content at one and the same time using the Offer iFrame tool. 

Back Button Redirection

Redirect your customers wherever you want when they click on the back button, I don’t suggest you use this often as it could be annoying for your users.

My Personal Experience with MyConvertionKit

Well, I’ve told you everything about all the conversion tools which you will get, now, Let me give you my personal Experience on MyConversionKit Review with User End Experience.

Step #1: Log in to Dashboard

As we know this is cloud-based app, so you need to visit the official website first and then you need to enter you login user name and id, which you get in your e-mail.

Now, You may be able to see the dashboard where you will get complete information like Total number of Views and campaign and everything.

Set Domain Settings

You also need to set Domain settings, by entering the Domain name in which you want to integrate the MyConversionKit, So, Make sure you add the right Domain. And you will also get Unlimited Domain Access if you buy it from here. Add all the domains and sub-domains, then click on Save button.

After the Click on pixel option and copy and paste that pixel code on your all websites which you have added to configurations.

Step #2: Create Campaign

Well, you might be new so, you haven’t created any campaign before, Now, Click on Create Campaign and Choose one of the 13 conversion tools. Let’s Start with Tab Messaging and then proceed further.

Name it and Start your campaign.

Step #3: Edit Your Campaign

It’s also important you don’t forget to Edit your Campaign and Customize it. The first step here comes with add the text which you want to be displayed on the tab message. Not only single but you can also add multiple Messages which is to be shown multiple times.

You will also get Favicon Icon to add, which I love, so don’t forget to use Favicon Icon in your campaign, however, there is limited pre-build favicons, so upload yours.

Set Time Interval also that after how many seconds you will display the second message, I prefer to use 2 seconds, You can also add beep sound that will attract users.

At last, select the domain where you want to add this customizable Tab Message if you want to use it for all then select all domains and exclude some domains where you don’t want this to be added.

Step #4: Multiple Conversion tools

This doesn’t end here, you will get multiple conversion tools, to multiple domains. Now, let’s have look on Hello Bar tool, as this is something most important tool which everybody has to use.

First, Choose the Hello Bar campaign and then name it. Now, its time to customize it, start with layout option, there will be 3 layout options select anyone. Go with Text option and then also choose the Location of the Hello bar tool.

Also, use the CTA Text the way you want, and also CTA Redirection and URL of course. Then the timer and Customize it. You can change the color of text, background, and also other things that makes hello bar more attractive. And at last, trigger to add it to your domain.

Step #5: Manage your Campaigns

Well, its gonna be really difficult to give you a complete review of all 13 tools, so, I gave you 2 tools review and rest test your self. However, After you are done with customizing tools and embedding all of them on your site then you need to manage them.

Click on campaigns option at right and then you’ll able to see all your views and other options easily from there.

MyConversionKit Demo Video

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MyConverionKit OTO Details

FE – MyConversionKit Commercial at $47

  • Unlimited domain access

However, there are only 5 Domains Access in front end but if you purchase from below link then You will get the freedom to run campaigns on unlimited websites. You can run campaigns for your clients as well


  • Commercial license included


The commercial license allows you to sell your services to your clients without worrying about anything else. You have complete right on of the tools.

OTO 1 – MyConversionKit Agency at $67

Become our agency license holder and Earn everything, I mean 100% on your profits, no matter what you’re selling. Get Complete License to sell or give this MyConversionKit to all your Clients.

MyConversionKit will are providing their users with everything their users need, be it providing easy access to any tools or be it any individual sales page of videos. You will be getting access to all these:

  • Individual Reseller Licence
  • Ability to give an individual access to all products
  • Sales Videos for individual tools
  • Sales Pages for individual tools

OTO 2 – MyConversionKit Pro at $67

  • Run Campaign through third party site
  • Developer Access – VA accounts
  • Lead Generation Form (Optin Form)

OTO 3 – MyConversionKit club 97$

  • Masterclass Training (Separate for Each tool)

MyConversionKit doesn’t only focus on giving you best tools but also giving you the best Material, this is why they have a complete tutorial of using each and every tool. And that’s why I haven’t given you a review of all tools in MyConversionKit Review. They will give each and every instruction to use their all tools in every possible manner.

  • FB group

This doesn’t end up here, we all know there are secrets in the marketing industry and these secretes aren’t easily closed in public but there are special communities to reveal these secrets. You will get Community for MyConversionKit Users to discuss some secret Marketing Tips. You could not only get secrets there but also answers any doubt or problem you face.

  • Templates Club

You can always create your own tools and design it as you want and do a lot of trial and error (testing). 

But having a set of winning templates will definitely save a lot of your time and money. 

  • Mobile App

A mobile application is always helpful in monitoring any campaigns. We have designed these complete tools keeping in mind to make it handy for our users.

Topics MyConversionKit Convers Best

Frequently Asked Questions

is it possible to increase Conversion?

Yes, all that traffic we receive is potential traffic and if it's not making any purchase then simply all the traffic is getting wasted, so, conversions can be increased by proper usage of conversion tools on your web page.

is this Newbie friendly?

Yes, This software is completely Newbie friendly, even if you never used this kind of software before then also you will be able to use it properly. So, don't worry you will get to know about it easily.

Will I get Tutorials or Something?

Yes, you complete tutorial with the software teaches you everything you need to know about using each and every conversion tool in every possible way.

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