Prospect Dynamic Review – is it worth Buying? Why Shouldn’t Buy?

Prospect Dynamic Honest Review: We all know that Having More and More Conversions is really tough, well, no matter how much traffic we get conversions never get enough. So, we all look for different conversions techniques and methods, especially tools(as they make work easier) and many Softwares or even WordPress plugins, and the list goes on.

But the fact is that only some of them are really worth buying, In the name of increasing conversions, tools and Softwares are also increasing, and this increases that useless tools that aren’t worth buying. So, it becomes really important that you buy a working, genuine tool and of course that makes your money worth it.

This is why I am here with you, giving you my honest review on Brand new WordPress Plugin that claims that it will increase your conversion way more than ever, it is called Prospect Dynamic. Well, I am gonna give you a detailed review of Prospect Dynamic, whether you should buy it or not, what are some flaws, and also gonna give you some of my experience and strategies to increase conversions. So, Stick around with me and have some notes.

What Exactly the Prospect Dynamic is? My Recommendations!

Prospect Dynamic is Brand New WordPress Plugin that is built especially for increasing conversions, With Few Clicks Setup, you can get your visitor’s having attention on their names and addresses on the web page.

Yes, you might think that how could you dynamically change name every time, someone hits your web page, well, you don’t have to update your web page every time, neither you have to make hundreds of different web pages, all you need to do is just use this plugin and it will automatically change the name which you set.

Don’t worry if you’re still confused, I will explain to you everything with Demo Video and Working below but for now, suppose, you sending e-mail to john, from London, You just have to enter his name and address or just edit from URL Name= John and when someone click on that URL, he will see name appearing john.

Well, you don’t have to always edit URL, it will be done automatically. But the problem is that its not worth, there are many flaws in this system(I will discuss all below) but the biggest one is that $27 just for showing visitors name and address will not gonna increase conversions that much, and even a little bit.

Brief Overview

ProductProspect Dynamic
VendorWalt Bayliss
Price(Front End)$27
Refund PolicyNo
RecommendationNot Worth it
Official WebsiteVisit
3 Total Score
Not Worth it

Believe me, I don't say that plugin isn't that good, but $27 just for dynamically change visitor's name and address, is way too high. On the top of that, it does not guarantee that it will increase conversions, as something like this never been tested and I don't think useful. What I suggest you check below all the flaws that vendor or anybody isn't gonna tell.

Increase Conversions
Work with Autoresponder and Facebook
Suitable for Wordpress
  • Dynamically Change Name and Address
  • Work with all autoresponder
  • Work With Facebook
  • No Better Conversions
  • URL doesn't look professional
  • May not work with some mailing systems
  • Price is way too more
  • Takes Large Size in WordPress

Why should you Buy Prospect Dynamic?

Don’t be confused, I don’t like this product, and I don’t even want you to waste your money, but I will never be partial with any product. There are some things that I do like, and which you should consider. Like it works with all kind of autoresponder and also with Facebook. You can just click on the send button and an e-mail will be sent to all your subscribers.

Another thing is that it’s really easy to use, even if you never used something like this before, you will get to use this software very easily.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Prospect Dynamic

There are in total 5 Reasons which I found as flaws, which led me to make this review and warn everyone about this Plugin.

No Proven Way of Increasing Conversions

First and most important thing is that it says that changing names and addresses dynamically will increase conversions, but it’s not True, You think yourself, how’s this only gonna change your decision or even visitors, decision. And no other tool has ever tested this before.

No 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Another important thing which I didn’t like about this tool is that it doesn’t have 30 Days Money Back guarantee, in fact, it doesn’t have money back guarantee at all. So, there’s nothing like testing or trial, if you buy then you gonna have to use this forever, you can’t get your refund or resell to anybody else.

$27 is way too high

Well, I would’ve have given positive reviews and would’ve told everyone that you should buy this plugin, but the main reason is that it costs around $27, which is way too high for just a changing name and address. This can be done by many other tools in e-mail, you really don’t need to change Name and address on the web-page.

URL Doesn’t Look Professional

Well, I would’ve agreed to pay even $100 for this tool, if it uses IP address of the person for changing the URL But it uses Old technique of changing URL that is with a change in URL, change in name, like, this looks really annoying and unprofessional, instead of increasing conversion, could also decrease conversions.

What if you don’t Know Name And Address

This Plugin works with only those whose name and address you already know, but what about all the new visitors, you can’t change web page or enter any random Names, so, there will be annoying text named [first name] and [address] on your web address that is something you don’t your users to see.

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Prospect Dynamic Working and Review

Well, I think by this time, you probably already know that this isn’t something you should buy, but let’s have look on Working and My Review on this plugin.

Step #1: WordPress Dashboard

First step is simple, you just have to download and install the plugin and verify it. and Then Go to Templates and Check on the Templates, edit it.

Step #2: Edit Template

You can then edit the template after you are done selecting the templates then you can edit it, with the first name as your visitors name to whom you want to share this URL and on address, his address. and then you will get the link generated and then copy that link and Share.

Step #3: Autoresponder

Just like in Autoresponder also, you need to edit Link as first-name= %firstname%, or the way autoresponder use first name in e-mails.

Step #4: Analytics

You can also have complete analytics that how many people visited the which URL but belive me this is the part where you will regret buying this product as you would see that some URL says, for john visited by many other people and some not even opened and most visited the simple URL Only.

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Final Words

Well, one thing Now, you know now, is that Prospect Dynamic is something that not gonna increase your conversion, You gonna do it yourself, you need to have more personal communication with your users, make your web page more attractive, give them some offer and many other things that could only increase your conversion not this.

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