Traffic Miner Honest Review | Warning⚠️ Don’t Buy this Product!

Traffic Miner Review: You Make awesome looking lead pages, Money Pages, Funnel, Website, you successfully able to find best Offers to promote, but finally the thing which will get you Huge Dollars is only Traffic if you don’t have good traffic then everything you invested whether its time, money or anything is of no use.

This is why traffic plays a Most important role when it comes to earning money online no matter which method you follow. And this is a fact the more you get traffic more you get Conversion and conversion rate increases also. In simple words, keep everything aside like Investment of money and time, your hard work on building pages, funnels or site, finding offers or monetization that all is equal to how you put your hard work on getting traffic.

And as we know that there are many paid and free Softwares over the Internet that sends you traffic that could lessen your burden of getting traffic. Many of these software and tools use genuine methods of getting traffic and many of these just send bots and their own traffic that is not relevant at all. You must check out these things before you buy or use any traffic generation software.

Things to keep in mind before you buy traffic Generation software?

  • You must check from Analytics or any plugin that from where traffic is coming from, is it from sites like Quora, reddit, facebook, medium or these popular sites. If yes, then okay don’t worry.
  • But if the traffic is coming from any other low standard fake site without proper diversity than simple means you got scammed.
  • Must check that you’re getting relevant as no matter if you’re getting traffic from the relevant site but the audience must be relevant related to your topic.
  • Check the conversion rate, if you’re getting some % of conversion that means traffic is genuine.
  • You can never get 100K or Million traffic, if any software claims that then it is simply fraud.

Well, this is all brief overview which you must check out before you go with purchasing any software like this, Its my responsibility to tell you that and I told you but coming to main point how TrafficMiner performs in this Market, should you buy it, is it worth buying it, My honest TrafficMiner Review.

What is TrafficMiner and My Recommendation?

TrafficMiner is another Windows-based Application software where you will get some tricks to generate targeted Relevant Visitors, no need to do SEO Work, and other things. But what is the trick, do we actually need to spend $27 for that trick to generate targeted Visitors, do we actually need this software? Here is the answer:

What Traffic Miner Actually do is it find targeted questions on Quora and after you find your relevant targeted question then it generated answer for the question which is totally useless answer, the reason, I tell you below wait. Questions that Traffic Miner find is nothing difficult to find, you can also find, You don’t actually need this software to find the questions on Quora.

There is no other way of getting traffic from Quora that this software provide, so, I would say that it’s totally Waste of Money to buy this product. The method which they use to generate traffic is something you don’t need to spend $27 instead I will tell you here only below the post.

Quick Description

ProductTraffic Miner
VendorNagendran Ponnan
Price(Front End)$27(One time)
Refund PolicyN/A
RecommendationWorst Product
Official WebsiteVisit
1.5 Total Score
Total Waste of Money!

This product is not worth buying, not even any scenario, but if yes if you want to waste your money then you should go with it. I don't find any single point of buying this product as there is nothing which you can't do without this software. There is only two steps that this software use one is finding Quora question and another generation answer, both you can do manually, I am gonna tell you.

Unique Answers
Relevant Questions
User Friendly
  • Generate Relevant quora Questions
  • Generate Relevant Answers
  • Must be Free Tool
  • Generated Answers are Copied
  • You can generate Questions Mannually

How does Traffic Miner Work?

Traffic Miner doesn’t generate traffic as any other good Traffic generation software use, it simply let you find the Quora question with targeted visitors and then generate answer for that question where you can post your link and then traffic generated, haha. Here is detailed steps and below that how you can manually do that.

Step 1

The first step includes, open the software and type the topic on which you want results of and also select the number of answers and upvotes that you need to that topic or question. In terms of Filter, you will have only 2 things Number of answers and Upvotes.

Step 2

This the step where you will click on the question that you find relevant and then open up to see whether is it good to write on it, does it have a number of views to generate traffic.

You must check out these things before you think about writing answer:

  1. How many answers already written, if more than 100, then forget about it, if around 10 or 20, then go for it
  2. Check out how many people followed the question, more is better
  3. Must check how many views that the first question got according to the time period of the question posted.
  4. And according to analyse that will it give me that much traffic that I need
  5. Also, check how many upvotes first, the question got, lesser increase the chances to be at first.

Step 3

The third step here is that you need to open another tool inside the software that will generate answer to the question that you found. This will automatically find answers but all of them are copyrighted, it won’t give you higher position is Quora as they have struck policy of copied answers.

How you can manually do all this without Software?

Let me explain to you that how you can manually do all these three steps without paying a single penny to this software and generate as much traffic as you can.

Step 1

Step one is really simple you need to find the question related to your niche and you can’t this from Quora, however, you can find it but you need targeted best results so, for this, you just need to use these google queries footprints that will get you to best Quora results.

Use this query on google search:

site: your topic “5 k views” “4 Answers”

You need to use “5 k views” to make sure that at least one answer must have 5 k views so that it ensures me minimum amount of traffic and 4 answers ensures less competition.

You can also use “3 Upvoters” that will give you 3 upvoters to the top answer of the question. Below is images is the example:

Step 2

Step 2 goes with that is that question suitable for you, if yes then go for it if not then come back on google serp and you got many other results for choose from.

The same steps you follow here for choosing the question, as I told you above.

Speaking about this example, I got what I need:

Step 3

Can you write an answer to that question, if not then you shouldn’t write as you won’t get to first if you could do then go for it. Or what you can do is just read the below articles and accordingly answer the question or get some information from Google and write yourself.

And hey, don’t forget to put your link inside the answer from where you will get the traffic. It’s simple and easy, you don’t have to pay a single penny here. So, this is everything I want to say in my Traffic Miner Review that You actually no need to buy this software.

Frequently Asked Questions

is it good for buying traffic?

No, only for some circumstances you should buy traffic but the truth is this traffic is not that relevant as SEO or any other.

Is there Refund Period?

No, you will not get any refund but you can personally talk to the vendor and see its available for you or not.

can I get traffic manually?

Yes, in this post I gave you way to manually get traffic and that is also for targeted visitors.

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