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UpStorz Review -🤩Ultimate Store Creation and Managing Software!

UpStorz Honest Review ✅ – With the Rapid increase in e-commerce and due to pandemic everyone wants to take their running business online. And there are lot of different ways to do this, either you hire professionals that could make and manage your e-commerce website, or you can pay monthly fees to other branded tools like Shopify, woocommerce and many more.

But you know what, this any of this method would not be worth spending money on. Because both the ways you need to pay huge monthly fees to the developer or to Shopify, so, the best way which I suggest is to use Other Software that charges only One time fees.

There are many software which charges one Time Monthly fees, but we want best, right? I’ve reviewed many software like this, like Storemerce, purx, and many more. But believe me, the store creations and managing Software I am going to discuss today is completely different and probably the best among all.

Today, I am gonna give you my detailed review on Upstorz, giving my experience on some of its best features, complete demo video so that you can understand the product in detail, plus OTO Information and My Custom Bonuses that are relevant and will help you in your e-commerce store in this UpStorz Review.

What is Upstorz and My Review on it?

30 Day money Back

UpStorz is Brand New Web Based  Software that runs on almost all platforms, Windows, Android, and even iOS. You can Manage your Business from almost all the platforms. Here is Breif points to understand what Upstorz exactly is:

  • Create awesome looking e-commerce store website with a professional template and Completely optimized and responsive for mobile
  • Add Single Product or Multiple Product with Complete details, information, images, variant and all other things
  • Keep Track on all the audience, Orders and Returns on your fingertip, also get notified with what’s going on your business from mobile
  • Many different payment gateways and Apps to accept payments(Stripe, paypal,, etc), share your products to different social platforms automatically
  • Add Testimonials and add chatbot so that you never miss any potential customer and increase sales.
  • This is just a glance, there are lot more features to tell, you will get to know all in this Upstorz Review.

Brief Overview

VendorKarl The SharK
Price(Front End)$29
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back
RecommendationOnce in the Life Time Product
Official WebsiteVisit
Categorye-commerce Store
9.5 Total Score

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Why Should you Buy UpStorz right Now!

Well, I think the question is suppose to be different, why you shouldn’t be buying UpStorz, this is probably my best ever reviewed Store creation software. Speaking about Vendor, Karl The SharK, usually doesn’t launch many products but when he launches any then he launches the best ones. In Fact, his previous some Products has crossed more than 15,000 Sales.

And even 200+ users have already tested the upstorz and for everyone Upstorz has been a great product. You even don’t need to pay monthly recurring fees, just one time fees. If you have made the decision then you click the button below or you can know more about it like OTOs, Demo, and Working in my Upstorz Review.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Don't worry, at least try out the software for 30 days as it comes with 100% Refund within 30 Days of Period. And Also get Custom Bonuses from both Vendor and Me.

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UpStorz in Working + Demo Video

Well, there are a lot of different features of UpStorz, I can’t tell you all in here, but I will try to give real user end working of as much as I can.

#1. Dashboard

The First Step is Dashboard, you can simply login to dashboard with the credential you will be given and then you can see almost everything about your business on dashboard. Probably the best dashboard, I’ve ever seen, in this UpStorz Review. You will see Visitors, pending order, refund orders, last 10 orders, notification, timeline and all other important things.

#2. Add Product

Well, you could see many different tabs on your right, but you straightway move to the catalog and Products Option. You won’t be having any product, so, you just need to add one Product, Click on Add Product. Choose from Single Product or Multi-Product and then move on.

After that you need to give Name or Product, description, image, category, and you can also manage variants, SEO, Taxation and their tools as you can see on the top of the product tab. Different Variants will have different Images, so, don’t forget to add different images for different variants. After that, you just need to click Save. You are done with adding Product, you can Customize it whenever feel like.

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#3. Some examples

Here are some examples of the sites which you finally gonna get after you are done adding products and everything. You can add categories, pages, menu, and everything easily, it’s completely customizable. You can also add bulk products that will make your work far easier to add products as I told you in my UpStorz Review.

#4. Payment Gateway

The another best thing is its payment gateway, you can use almost any from popular payment gateways, like stripe, Paypal, Manual Payment or even Cash on delivery. And the best part is its all completely free, you can also add more apps to collect payment from different methods like ccavanue or any other.

#5. Recommended Products

With Advance recommendation technology you can simply add recommended products tab below the main product or also “You may be Interested” in Tab that will increase your sales of other products also. It will systematically recommend the product on the basis of category, Name, Variant, price and many more things.

#6. Add Testimonial

This is probably the most important and useful feature that I think every good Store Creation Software should have, as in my honest Upstorz Review, adding testimonial is another best thing which one should use.  Add other people’s testimonials to help your users to make a decision and get over with any confusion. Don’t forget to add some, it’s really important.

#7. Manage e-mail and SMS Templates

Sending e-mails and SMS to your audience is also very simple and easy, you can simply click on e-mail and SMS management and then you Choose the Template, there are many different templates to choose from, and then Subject. Make some Changes on Body accordingly and last Click on Send Button. If you want to send e-mail from scratch you can do that too.

#8. Inquiry Chat Bot for Capturing Lead

There are many people who want personal touch before they make any decision, for this, You can use inquiry chat Both that will help your users to raise any enquire and from there you will get their e-mail or best is their phone number. After then you can make calls according to their query and get that lead.

#9. Mobile App Version

This is the main reason that forced me to write this Upstorz Review, the app version looks completely the same as Pc Version, in fact, you can use the app version to operate your business. You will get notifications, stats, analytics and everything on the app version itself.

Not only app dashboard is best, but App Website is also responsive and mobile-friendly, So, you will never lose any potential mobile customer.

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Demo Video

31 Reasons Why to Buy

31 Reasons to Buy

OTO Details

OTO Details

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Frequently Asked Question

Why Not Other Branded Softwares?

There are many different software like shopify, woocommerce but they charge really high monthly recurring fees. And if you want something easy to use and one-time fees Software then Upstorz is something you need.

Will I get Bonuses Also?

The best part of my upstorz review is that you will not only get Custom Bonuses from my side but also from vendor side, and all the bonuses are relevant, which will help you grow your e-commerce business to next level.

is upstorz easy to use?

Of course, upstorz is really easy to use, although there are many different features which takes time to completely understand even if you never used software like this, you will easily get to know about it.

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