Vidoogle Honest Review ~ is it Really Worth Buying as Promotional Tool?

Vidoogle Honest User End Review: Digital Marketing or Promotional things has increased over the years and there are lot many different ways, people, to promote different products in Market but the most popular one is directly targeting the audience which wants to buy that product. In Simple Words “Name of your Product” + Review.

This is the most easiest and popular but less efficient and converting way of direct marketing or promoting products. But still many do this way, however, there’s no problem doing such until and unless you’re giving your honest reviews.  But if you’re making Reviews just for promoting products than you’re going to lose your reputation soon and no one’s gonna buy or even read your review.

Breif Points to Make Successful Review Promotional Platform?

If you want to make a successful Review Based Youtube Channel or Website Blog or any other platforms then you make sure you follow these points.

  1. Make Sure you Give Totally Honest Review, with Complete User End Members Area Dashboard View and explain all the features as possible.
  2. Try to add a Demo video or Step Information and also Give your Past Experience about tools like this.
  3. Give Some Special Bonuses that let you stand out of competition, Make Sure You give Relevant Bonuses No Huge Bunch of Crap
  4. There Should Be a mix of Negative and Positive Reviews on your platform, Makes More Trustworthy.
  5. Besides Just Review, You also should give you some special Tips and Strategies that help them in many different Ways.

But Reviews Platforms are not as easy as it seems to make, you gotta work really hard as there are many people doing this. And Believe me there’s no Quick Way to get success here. There’s No tool or thing that could help you make reviews or promotional video, Just like I am going to give you my Review on Vidoogle.

Today I will give you my Vidoogle Review whether is it worth buying or not, is Vidoogle any different from all other products out there and many other things which you should know if you’re thinking to buy Vidoogle in my Honest Vidoogle Review.

What Exactly the Vidoogle is? My Review and Recommendation!

Vidoogle is Brand New Cloud Based Software that helps you Making your Review Promotions. It comes with many features like Training Methods, Emotional Triggers, Bonuses to offer, and many others that help you promote your Blog or Video Online. I found most of the features are built for Videos Only.

But My Recommendation is Not to Buy this Product, as all the Training Methods which you get is already been on Youtube for Free, Just type how to write perfect review for promotion. And Emotional Triggers are nothing but just sound, Arrows, Subscribe Buttons and other things that you can easily get with any video editing software for Youtube.

Speaking About Bonuses then that is also quite old and irrelevant Bonuses, there is vidoogle Club that is for their member’s community But I don’t think anyone really shares something useful in these premium members community. Some other features which you get with Upgrade only.

Brief Overview

VendorRichard Fairbairn
Price(Front End)$27
Refund PolicyMoney Back Guarantee
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official WebsiteVisit
3 Total Score
Waste of Money

I would Say only One Word to this Tool, the Total Waste of Money... As You don't need to have any training classes to learn to give your reviews. You just need to be honest and truthful and some tips that make you above everyone. Tips and Strategy can't get from any tool or course, you need to practice, test, experiment, Learn and after some time you'll get all the secrets for sure.

Emotional Triggers
Price and OTO
Case Study and Tutorials
Newbie Friendly
  • Some Bonuses
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Bonus Triggers
  • Everything is available on Youtube for Free
  • Triggers can be made by yourself
  • Irrelevant Bonuses
  • inactive Members of Community
  • Price is too High

Is there any good in Buying Vidoogle?

Believe me, I’ve been doing Marketing Since 5 Years Now, and I’ve seen many different Products but products like this are totally useless, they seem to be good until you don’t buy and purchase them. After then you regret and tools like this don’t have a refund policy, so you can’t even get you’re Money Back. This is my honest Vidoogle Review, and I don’t like giving you fraud reviews.

And if you really want something good and worth full then you can check out some other awesome tools like Animatiox, VideoStylerr or others, You can check out my review on those tools if you like to.

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My Experience on Features of Vidoogle

So, Now, I will give you detailed information about all the features of Vidoogle, and what are some flaws and things which I didn’t like about it and also why these features are just useless.

Training Methods

When you login to the Dashboard you’ll find the first feature named Training Methods which is probably the worst features of this Tool, you will get here, how to use Vidoogle, case studies to write reviews, using elements and triggers which are completely useless.

I don’t think any of above all is really worth because there’s no use of giving how to use vidoogle, even elements and triggers are also useless, so, how to use them is also of no use, speaking bout case studies then there is only 4 of them, similar material could be found from Youtube.

Emotional Triggers

Now, Coming to Emotional Triggers, then I don’t think there’s any useful emotional triggers in there with Vidoogle. There are triggers like overlays, Sound, Subscribe buttons, Click link trigger, and many more and you probably think that it’s really good of having all these triggers in one.

But if you purchase or even use any free good Youtube Video Editing Software then you will get all these triggers plus hundreds of more for Free with that software only. Then you won’t like using these triggers and probably think of my Vidoogle Review.

Vidoogle Club

Another thing that is totally useless, Vidoogle Club where all the members of vidoogle can communicate with each other share new tips and secrets but as I always say in my all reviews that these clubs are of no use just like saying in vidoogle review also that these clubs are really of no use and you won’t get any benefit of this.

No one really post anything in these clubs expect admins and that only when they want to promote new software or tool. This is why I never participate in any club like this.

Vidoogle Launch Jacking

There’s another feature called vidoogle launch jacking and I don’t why vendor made feature telling how to use vidoogle but I don’t find anything more interesting in this also. And last is another feature named vidooogle CamStudio training where you will get video training which is of no use.


Last But Not least, you probably think of Bonuses that you’ll get many different bonuses but the truth about them is that all are irrelevant, useless, and Not many. There is just little number of bonuses which they even don’t update and most of them are some crappy e-books. Instead, you’ll get some other good bonuses if you buy any product from here

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OTO Details

Final Words

I think if you’re into promoting products like reviews or any other or in Youtube Platforms then you don’t need to buy any tool like this, you just need to invest money on some good tools, take time, practice more and experience yourself. This is the only way you can pro in this industry.

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