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WP Toolkit Video Magic Honest Review: Modern Marketing is all about videos and If you lead page, a money page, or any other page doesn’t have Video on it then you gonna lose some of the potential customers. Using Videos on Lead pages will increase your revenue and leads significantly and that is not my words, even big marketers and professional sellers believe that.

As we all know that 37% of Websites all over the Internet uses WordPress, so what we exactly need is a tool that could host videos on our WordPress Page. This is why I am here for you to give my honest review on WP Toolkit Video Magic that I personally used and going to share my personal experience with this tool. Everything you need to know about this tool, its features, and is it really worth buying.

My Name is Sachin Verma and I’ve been reviewing these kinds of tools and WordPress plugin for years now, and now I am sure of that I know what all things one good Video Hosting Plugin should have, under which Price it would be good and which user should buy this tool.

Benefits of Video in Pages?

There are many different benefits you will get if you add a little video that is telling something about your product, here are some of them:

  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Increase CTR and Profits
  • Build More Trust with Vendor
  • Introduce your Product more easily
  • Decrease Bounce rate and engage the user

As you could see and you may already know about the benefits of the video in Lead Pages. Thus, I am going to give complete user end WP Toolkit Video Magic Review, and you will go to get an answer of your all questions here, whether you should buy it?, is it worth it for you? and all features and bonuses that you could get after buying it. Let’s dive into our Review now:

What WP Toolkit Video Magic Exactly is?

WP ToolKit Video Magic Pro

WP Toolkit Video Magic is a WordPress plugin that all you to host, add video on your blog, website, or Project pages. It gives Super-fast Video Delivery Option that are hosted on S3, AWS CloudFront and that all is with simple 3 steps, nothing complicated for setup. 1 Click CloudFront Setup will host your video on your page that will give video fast with high quality and high transfer speed.

Add Video with Shortcodes on Page and also check out the statistics of your video like how many views are there or how long your video average played by users. You could also Display Timed Content and also any Buttons below the Video that you could fully customize as they are in HTML Format.

Brief Overview

ProductWP Toolkit Video Magic
VendorIM Wealth Builders
Price(Front End)$17-$27
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back Garuntee
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official Website
categoryWordpress Video Plugin
9 Total Score
WP Video Magic Review

I really like the easy to use interface and only a few clicks will set-up video on your Pages. The transfer speed of video is really fast and high quality hosted on platforms like AWS Cloudfront, S3. The Best thing is that Video Shortcodes allow you to add up your video anywhere you want.

Premium Hosting Platfom
Tech Skills Need
No Ads, WaterMark or Link
Button Customization
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Hosted on Premium Platforms
  • Zero Ads, Watermarks Or Links
  • Shows Stats of your Video and Tutorials
  • Shortcodes to add video anywhere
  • Inbuilt HTML5 Video Player
  • You Don’t Even Need Your Own Videos
  • Customize Button below your Video
  • Little Delay on Stats
  • Need Little Tech Skill for Button Customization
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I hope you get your answer, this is the product that you need to increase your profits. And the best part is you'll get 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

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Benefits and Features of WP Video Magic

If you still think whether you should buy this or not then don’t worry I am here for you, below are some features and reasons why I recommend this product to everyone from Real User WP Video Magic Review.

Premium Hosting 

WP Vidoe Magic comes with both kinds of Amazon Hosting S3 and also CloudFront, and that too with the nothing to pay, everything comes under one Plugin Only. You don’t have to pay them extra form your pocket.

Get Free Videos to use

This Plugin automatically works with YouTube that gives you access to easily add videos to your Web Page or blog and start enjoying all the other different features even if you never have made any video before.

Few Clicks Integration, Easy Peasy

You will get full access to CloudFront Integration and also 1-click Cloudfont complete setup. Even if you’re a newbie to all this you will get everything you need automatically, this is how you can easily set up your first video directly hosting from Amazon to your webpage. Easy peasy, right?

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

We all know the importance of Mobile Users, this is why your videos are highly responsive for mobile users too, it will reduce pixels if need for mobile automatically and also size. You won’t lose any Mobile Customer, don’t worry about it.

HTML 5 Video Player

I must Include in WP Video Magic Review that HTML 5 Video Player is something that you will definitely gonna like. You don’t have to depend upon other old style flash players, or need to look for 3rd party players, if you could get everything from HTML 5 Video Player.

No Ads, WaterMark or Links

Why Most people don’t Use Youtube for video hosting on their Web Pages is just because they have too many links, Watermark of Youtube and also most hated thing Ads. This is why I always recommend using Other Premium Hosting like this plugin has which is completely ad-free, no watermark, or links.

Smooth Videos and Autoplay

You can make your videos Autoplay if you want to and even you can hide or show different video controls in every way you want. What I choose is that I make a video to autoload whenever page load and whenever the user clicks on the play button it gives me loaded video.

Secure and Customizable Button and Links

You will get an HTML Content option to appear below your video that you can decide to anything, button, link or even form. Just make it somewhere for free and then copy-paste the HTML below. This is how your videos will turn into high converting sales.

And all videos in WP Video Magic come from fully secure Amazon S3 Media Manager that makes it more secure and trustworthy.

Increase Profit with Stats

States of every page in every web page will let you understand your traffic and how they behave, these include video timing, watch rate, load rate, and users and many more things in Advanced Media Analytics in the video plugin and this is something I have never seen in any Vidoe Player Before.

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My Personal Experience with WP Video Magic Review

This is a brief tutorial about WP Video Magic Review which you can check out and have look at what all things you will get with this.

Step 1: 

After you install the Plugin you will get Plugin Option on WordPress Sidebar, you need to click on “Shorcode Option”.

Step 2:

After clicking Video Shortcodes then Add up some categories that you want to add according to your blog.

Step 3:

After you added up some categories then you need to click on Add Shortcodes and make your video shortcodes here.

Step 4:

Now, the name you Shortcode, give it one category, and hosted platform from where you want to add up your video and also select your s3 Bucket.

Step 5: 

Select, you file, and also make other options according to your need. and also select thumbnails if you want. Just like I did in my WP Video Magic Review.

Step 6:

On last box you have feature to add up customizable button or form or anything you want, just pass HTML there and that’s all. Save it after.

Step 7:

At Last, add this shortcode to where ever you want in your post and It will show up there.

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Quick Features

  1. Super Fast Video Delivery System with S3 and CloudFront, no complicated Setup, and you don’t need to go to AWS Console, everything will be from WordPress and plugin only.
  2. 1-Click CloudFront Integration, Plugin is built specially to add few click integration and adding your video from CloudFront to directly to your web page like in user end WP Video Magic Review
  3. Secure and Fast video transfer features and also allow you to load your video when your page load with high transfer speed.
  4. Video-Shortcode Stats will help you get to know your traffic more easily and increase sales by making changes.
  5. Ad-Free, No watermark or nothing between your video and customer that causes loss the potential customer.


Is Seller Trust Worthy?

Yes, the Product vendor is IM Wealth Builders who already made many different WordPress Plugins that helped people increase their revenue.

Will I get Bonus Also?

Yes, If you buy from below link then you will get many different bonuses. Below I have placed all the bonuses which you will get.

Can I understand the plugin easily?

Yes, even newbie could easily understand the one-click integration feature and I also have written above how to use it with pictures.

Is there Refund Period?

You will also get 30 Days Money Bank Guarantee for sure. If you don't like you can get 100% Refund back.

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